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Our Services

We have our in-house design team along with several collaborations with global network of designers, design studios, fabric, garment, footwear developers and manufacturer; allowing us to offer clients a wide range of services to help build the product portfolio across activewear, sportswear, casual wear, and athleisure.




We have experienced technicians to monitor and control and maintain desired quality standards at factories. We provide regular reports to customers on developments for feedback and optimal efficiency. We make sure that all necessary quality tests are done on time and with reputable test institutes or internally. 




We help our clients stay relevant and adapt to the ever-growing market, quickly and flexibly. We are a natural fit for brands and businesses focused on creating merchandise with innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly raw materials and products process from fashion, sport and fitness industry.

We have developed a supply chain network which involves customer demand prediction, design, pattern making, tech packs and product development, planning, sourcing strategies, manufacturing, product delivery, and follow-up based on customer feedback and satisfaction. 



and production


We dedicate ourselves every day to sourcing the right product at the most competitive cost and on-time delivery. 


and negotiation


Brand Management

We help our clients in creating their brand identity, concept, framework and storytelling. We also provide social media marketing services for our clients to make their digital presence stronger.

We play our role as mediators between clients and the manufacturers from around the world, with the most concentration on India, China, Sri Lanka, amongst others major sourcing hubs, rendering qualified services in quality control throughout all textile and garment production processes to final delivery.  



Our strategic product development teams regularly visit suppliers and trade shows to research on the latest trends in fabric, design, and styling in apparel, footwear, and accessories industry.




E-commerce Services

We provide e-commerce cataloguing services to our clients. Be it product photoshoots as per the online marketplaces guidelines or writing content for product descriptions that covert visits to sales.

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